Jumat, 18 September 2009


as usual, i frequently and always keep my weight to not become obese, this time i have some diet tips
  1. never skip meals
  2. hydrate with cold water
  3. eat protein frequently
  4. spice it up
  5. chew gum (believe it or not but that actually burn you calories)
  6. fidget foriously
  7. breathe (goin outside)
  8. bricks in your metabolism wall
  9. supercharge your metabolism
  10. and your personal plans

you can try this too ->

The #1 Way to Lose Body Fat
The best way to lose fat from your belly, arms, legs and butt is to eat! Yes that's right, it may amaze you but you can actually eat and stimulate your metabolism to burn fat just as well as going for a brisk 30 minute jog. Your metabolism responds to food, the fact is that people have moved in the wrong direction as far as diets go and are avoiding calories to lose weight, all this does is make matters worse. When you avoid calories your metabolism becomes weakened, it's the gorging on massive amounts of unhealthy food that causes weight gain, however eating satisfying amounts of health food that rotates every day will stimulate your metabolism and cause rapid weight loss. Calorie shifting will provide a substantial way for you to eat healthy without feeling like you're starving and instead of avoiding calories and food, you will embrace them and use them to actually burn fat off your body.

and i also heard that by using rolling during sleep can raise your thighs, so do not use while sleeping roll or open www.healthetech.com, keep diet guys :o

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